Genie Collection, No. 9045 , 25 ml

Inspired by Carolina Herrera Good Girl
3 customer reviews

$29.99 available on subscription

Embrace your inner seductress with Genie Collection, No. 9045, a fragrance inspired by the enchanting allure of Carolina Herrera Good Girl. This 25 ml perfume embodies confidence and feminine power.

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3 reviews for Genie Collection, No. 9045 , 25 ml

  1. Barri

    Genie Collection provided the best value for my money and time when I purchased GC 9045. This perfume smells otherworldly and is a perfect addition to my attractive collection. Thank you loads, Genie Collection.

  2. Pierrette

    No perfume can beat the quality of GC 9045. It provides a memorable outing for the wearer who likes to go to parties, fesitvals, and other occasions. A definite recommendation to all the cognoscenti’s out there.

  3. Myrtia T.

    Nothing awakens a memory like a smell. That’s exactly what GC 9045 provides to the user. It offers a memorable experience for different occasions and helps to create new bonds of friendship and love along the way. GC 9045 is one of the best perfumes launched by Genie Collection.

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