Genie Collection, No. 1800, 25 ml

Inspired by Blanco Spectra
3 customer reviews

$24.99 available on subscription

Discover the spirit of individuality with Genie Collection No. 1800, a fragrance inspired by Blanco Spectra. This 25 ml perfume exudes a captivating charm, enveloping you in an aura of contemporary style and uniqueness.

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3 reviews for Genie Collection, No. 1800, 25 ml

  1. Reuben

    It was a great experience shopping for GC 1800. The delivery was quick and efficient. Moreover, the packaging was not tarnished in the least. I highly recommend its use for all those who like adventure and outdoor trips.

  2. Kellen

    GC 1800 is a premium-quality scent that lasts a long time and ensures high satisfaction. Wear this brand and enjoy it if you want to feel like a celebrated artist. I highly recommend it to all those who like partying and gatherings.

  3. Heddie

    Perfume is a story in odor and poetry in motion. Confused, try GC 1800 and see for yourself; it increases your attention level and makes you smell like love. Be the attraction factor in the throng!

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