Genie Collection, No. 2002, 25 ml

Inspired by Creed Aventus
3 customer reviews

$29.99 available on subscription

Step into a realm of triumph with Genie Collection No. 2002, a fragrance inspired by Creed Aventus. In a convenient 25 ml bottle, this scent is perfect for those seeking a touch of prestige and elegance.

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3 reviews for Genie Collection, No. 2002, 25 ml

  1. Sumner

    GC 2002 renders high appeal and attraction. Moreover, it helps evoke positive memories within you. It is the accessory that every individual should have. As Elizabeth Taylor says, “I never face the day without perfume.”

  2. Lane

    Some of your memories are linked to smell. That’s why certain smells can trigger your memories in an instant. Try GC 2002, and you will see yourself in a mesmeric state. Apart from showing an attractive picture, it is safe to use on dresses and skin.

  3. Mabelle

    You are never fully dressed without perfume. This statement links with GC 2002 perfectly; this scent produces a cocktail of memories and emotions and creates an unforgettable experience. Purchase it today and enjoy!

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