Genie Collection, No. 5514, 25 ml

Inspired by Dior Homme
3 customer reviews

$27.99 available on subscription

Genie Collection No. 5514 is a homage to the timeless allure of Dior Homme. With its 25 ml size, this perfume embraces the refined elegance and magnetic charm that define Dior.

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3 reviews for Genie Collection, No. 5514, 25 ml

  1. Dulsea

    GC 5514 is a heart-rendering perfume with its magical and fulfilling fragrance. It’s the best perfume I have ever used. Try it out, and you won’t be disappointed. It’s a perfect scent for your collection. Thank you!

  2. Michaella

    Wear it to an event and see the crowd muster around you! I’ve been using GC 5514 for many years and I must say, it works well in tough conditions, especially humid and dry. The smell doesn’t dilute or change in any way. Many thanks to the Genie Collection for this luxury.

  3. Nollie

    People say that perfumes should cater to the public. I second that, but it should also look good on you and complement your attire. GC 5514 is ideal for your outings, especially for clubs and parties. The sensual experience it creates is simply amazing!

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