Genie Collection, No. 8837, 25 ml

Inspired by YSL Black Opium
3 customer reviews

$27.99 available on subscription

Step into a world of sensuality with Genie Collection, No. 8837, inspired by the alluring YSL Black Opium. In a compact 25 ml size, this perfume envelops you in a dark and captivating aroma.

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3 reviews for Genie Collection, No. 8837, 25 ml

  1. Robin

    GC 8837 is exactly what you need if you are a party enthusiast. Its potent smell creates a demanding environment for the opposite gender, unlike any other perfume. If you want to buy an affordable perfume that connects, then GC 8837 is a perfect choice.

  2. Darsie T.

    GC 8837 has added to the value of my vanity table with its wonderful tones and excellent strength. I love wearing it for different occasions, such as parties, gatherings, and other festive occasions. Genie Collection, you were amazing!

  3. Ettie

    Perfumes affect your mood and create the ambiance you are aiming for. Your choice of scent can express your state of mind, mood, and those around you. Try GC 8837 and connect with others instantly. A great perfume to purchase!

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