Genie Collection, No. 8878, 25 ml

Inspired by Bvlgari Man Black
3 customer reviews

$24.99 available on subscription

Genie Collection, No. 8889 embodies the essence of dreamy beauty with a fragrance inspired by Bvlgari Man Black. This 25 ml perfume exudes a sense of elegance and whimsy, leaving a lasting impression.

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3 reviews for Genie Collection, No. 8878, 25 ml

  1. Breena

    Just got my order yesterday, and it’s truly amazing. The fragrance is nice, and the quantity is adequate. It’s enough to last you for the entire season. Thank you, Genie Collection, your product is simply amazing!

  2. Boyce

    It was a pleasure ordering from Genie Collection as they delivered it within due time. The packaging was awesome, keeping the perfume safe from low impacts. When I used it for outdoor trips, it lasted for several hours and provided a memorable experience.

  3. Thomas

    This was one of the best experiences I had! GC 8878 is a scent for every emotion or occasion, whether going on a first date, spending time with your loved one, or having an important meeting in the office. The essence is simply amazing!

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